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At the same time, the focus of the dairy sector is shifting from quantity expansion to quality improvement and profitability increase. Global Meat Complex: The China Series. 8bn) in the same  7 Apr 2017 China's Dairy imports for 2016 totalled over 2. dairy farmers and support tens of thousands of jobs in the industry that extend beyond the farm," said Jim Mulhern, president and CEO of the National Milk Producers Federation, which collaborates with USDEC on a  Market Matters. The biggest volume growth (product categories  17 Sep 2008 Arla Foods' Chinese joint venture partner, Mengniu Dairy, is among the dairies in China whose products have tested positive for melamine. PAGE 2. While sales are primarily stemming from China, markets with large populations, like India and Indonesia, are growing rapidly. , Yili Group, Bright Dairy & Food Co. as the world's largest dairy market by 2022, with India rising to fourth place, says global market intelligence firm Euromonitor International. A number of criminal prosecutions were conducted by the Chinese government. Introduction. Mengniu has spent about $2 billion on acquisitions at home since 2014, while Yili has  24 Sep 2017 The increasing popularity of high-priced yoghurt in China has become a saviour for the country's biggest dairies, with revenues of the fermented dairy product set to overtake milk sales for the first time. 6%. Despite being seen as a laggard to the largest peer Yili in both market  China has rapidly emerged as a large milk producer and dairy product importer and there is a growing need for information on China's dairy market and trade behavior. Dou and her family worked in the fields to help with the crops and tended the  14 Dec 2017 CHINA - Dutch global dairy giant Royal FrieslandCampina said it is bullish on the long-term growth of the dairy market in China and committed to help promote the quality and safety of dairy products in the country. The dairy market in China grew by  27 Dec 2017 Dairy giants Vinamilk, TH true Milk, Nutifood and Anova Milk are rolling out ambitious strategies to export their products to China, a market with 1. Exports to Greater China have increased by 29. The collective commune system of living in her village made producing food nearly impossible during the drought and famine of her childhood. The Asian market, including China and South Korea, also are major export markets for the U. Fonterra: Land of milk and money. No reason has been given for the ban. Mengniu has begun an immediate  19 Jul 2008 "To meet the rapidly growing demands for liquid food consumption in China, Tetra Pak is taking active initiatives such as additional investment and production capacity expansion to support China's dairy industry and market development,"​ said Nick Shreiber, president of Tetra Pak. The Evolution and Future Trends of China's Dairy Industry  CHINA - Dutch global dairy giant Royal FrieslandCampina said it is bullish on the long-term growth of the dairy market in China and committed to help promote the quality and safety of dairy products in the country. It is quite possible that some of the lessons learned in China, within the context of the industry's history and the current situation, will  Increasing demand from China for internationally sourced milk powder has, in recent years, been underpinning prices for New Zealand dairy products. Global demand for dairy products is increasing and is expected to continue to grow, driven by increasing demand in China, South-East Asia and the Middle East. 24 Mar 2017 This also reflects an on-going decline in the dairy industry (yes, dairy is even declining in China!) fuelled heavily by an increasing number of people ditching dairy. 4. The issue raised concerns about food safety and political corruption in China, and damaged the reputation of China's food exports. NA/ME/CA2. Demand for dairy products has more than doubled in the past five years, and though domestic milk production is growing rapidly, China is only able to produce 24 million  23 Mar 2017 In China, dairy companies are training chefs to bring on the butter, cheese, and cream Dairy companies are doing their part to break into the market, and the world's largest dairy exporter has gotten pretty creative about it. , Ltd. The NSW industry has already begun to capitalise on this opportunity with a  China has discovered milk. China is even more special, due to the former one-child, now two-child policy, implemented by the government and the expected amount of over 329 million elderlies till 2050. ▫. In China. View news from China Tai'an Promotes Quality Tracking System in Food Industry 4 Jan 2018 BEIJING, Jan. 6% over the last five years, China is currently the third-largest dairy producer in the world, after India and the . g. View it here today. Total Global Annual Production is 558. This would seem to go hand-in-hand with a booming nutraceutical market, and in particular, dairy products with added protein, focused on the health-conscious consumer. 2. EU +1. New Zealand, Belarus, the EU, USA and Australia are major exporters of butter; all of these countries are expected to gain moderate increase in sales/production except the USA. China dairy market has boosted quickly, and gave the crude cow milk 8 million tons (MT) production by 5 million dairy cows during 2000 while  driven by growing demand in China, SE Asia and. That is why it is key to  Zealand exports about 95% of its dairy production; In the year to June 2016, dairy was New Zealand's largest export sector (18% of total goods and service exports); New Zealand exported NZ$ 12. SPS related measures are essential for China to develop a safe dairy industry. farm gate, as the main processors look to secure their supply in a tight market. 17 Jul 2017 He said the communist party had taken many measures to ensure domestic producers continued to dominate China's dairy markets. 7 million. Foodservice Dairy Sales. Problems have been gathering for the Australian dairy industry  2 Aug 2017 Donald Trump called Canada's supply-managed dairy sector a "disgrace. Destination for 1,420. Frank H. S. , Sanyuan Group  INSIDE THIS ISSUE. China is now by far the most important destination for these products. Tetra Pak has long  26 Jun 2017 "These are possible alternative markets the Australian industry should be looking at and certainly not ignore. 16 Nov 2017 Sales of health food are around RMB 200 million annually, according to the China Health Care Association. Without the increase in Chinese demand, international markets could not have absorbed the increased  At present, China's dairy market is facing major challenges. We like Mengniu as one of the leading PRC liquid milk operators. Coffee Whiteners and. Many regulation changes  Factors beyond our control. To Hibiscus Coast branch, 29 July 2011. (“Modern Dairy”) was established in September 2005, specializing in dairy farming and milk production with headquarters located offers a zero-distance, seamless connection between the whole industry chain and each section of the production process which is kept under surveillance. New Zealand's dairy giant seeks capital to stay ahead in a tough market7 · Lactalis and Parmalat: Hard cheese. In addition to being a culturally complex and economically diverse market, the country's regulatory landscape is everchanging. 3 billion people, companies such as. 01. USA +0. The summit was a coronation as such for the chosen attendees in that numerous smaller Chinese dairies,  26 Aug 2017 Meet DuPont Nutrition & Health at the most important dairy industry event in China! Namely, 2017 China Dairy Industry Annual Conference & Dairy Technology Exposition (CDIA2017)!. In November 2013, Royal FrieslandCampina, China Agricultural University and Wageningen  29 Mar 2016 In the backdrop of the global economy slowdown, China FMCG shows moderate growth of 3. Source: Rabobank estimates. Recently a 90 year old dairy company closed it's cow milk business and switched to plant-based milk instead citing falling consumer demand,  In need Dairy Product Production of industry data? Industry statistics are available in these IBISWorld China market research reports. However, the domestic supply is much underneath the growing demand for alfalfa, which opens the door to overseas exporters getting a good share in the expanding market. Fuller, John C. 8 billion (£53. 8. We have no reason to give up this massive market  6 Dec 2016 RVO. As with other dairy products China is a major  We reiterate our bullish view on China's dairy industry as we see the per capita dairy consumption in China still at one-third the global average and thus see ample room for further growth. Combined growth in these markets of 0. Oct 2017. This is a key event and the most focused event for dairy  24 Jul 2015 major players in the field should still have room for market share gains as industry consolidation continues. 7bn (£52. Condensed Milk. 5 thousand tonnes of dairy product, worth US $3,756. 03 Slowing demand from China, Russia's trade embargo and the removal of EU milk quotas, resulted in a period of excess these challenges and opportunities, and looks at how the dairy industry as a whole. Dairy Commodities. Ice Cream. 7. nl | Brief Introduction Dairy industry Heilongjiang, NBSO Dalian. There was pacing up of the transition from extensive quantity growth to intensive quality and efficient growth, and there was the transition from unconventional unregulated growth to steady regulated growth. Impact of China's. to Kantar Worldpanel, the world leading consumer market research. Drinking yogurt is the key growth driver in China, with major players such as Mongolia Yili with the Ambrosial brand expanding their  China's Dairy Market: Consumer Demand Survey and Supply Characteristics. +38,53% +13,12% -7,74% +20,94% ('000) Tons China DAIRY PRODUCT - Total Import Milk, Cream, SMP, WMP, Cheese, Whey powder, Butter, Infant milk formula (Monthly Cumulative) Data processed by Clal  18 May 2017 majority of the Chinese dairy herd. Owing to the slip of feed cost, the composition of products converged towards  The purpose of this paper is to review the growth and regional disparities of China's dairy market since 1980, examine urban consumer demand for three major dairy products (fluid milk, yogurt, and milk powder), analyze China's import patterns of major dairy products since 1995, and discuss China's potential roles in the  24 Jan 2017 China is expected to grow its own dairy industry but will need to continue to rely on imported products to fulfill its shortfall in production for the foreseeable future. 8 million metric tonnes (m Mts). The top ten countries that export dairy to. 9. The Australian dairy industry is set to reap significant benefits from a new research partnership with China, thanks to a million dollar grant from the Australia-China Science and Research Fund (ACSRF). " Indeed, Canada's strict system of production quotas, import restrictions and price and quality controls is a perennial target for free traders. Contributing to this substantive growth is China's burgeoning middle class. 0%. 23 Aug 2017 China's Dairy market is forecast to see strong continued growth through to 2021 paired with a high market value of US$50bn making it a key opportunity for dairy producers. The European Union (EU), New Zealand and Australia continue to dominate the dairy import market. Canada, Japan) typically produce all the milk they consume and use trade barriers to protect their dairy farmers - therefore New Zealand has limited access to these markets. In addition, China's dairy industry is dominated by over 500,000 farm households, with each family having one  The Chinese government has embraced the plan of using high-quality alfalfa to ensure the production of high-quality dairy products. Zhengxia Dou never had enough to eat. China Mengniu (2319. 4 Apr 2016 fundamentally diminish the exchange distorting endorsements to their dairy segment it will be troublesome for China to contend with the global market. China +1. ▫ Communication with Food Authorities, Ministries and other influential organisations. Imports of milk powders including infant formula represented 38% of the total imports in 2013. The ban follows the suspension by China of Viplus' import licence on 4 November 2016. In fact, there is a sluggish consumption in the domestic market, still high costs for  11 Jan 2017 As China's urbanisation expands and the middle class continues to grow, consumers' demand for high-quality dairy products is predicted to further increase in the next ten years. . With an average growth of 12. China backed off buying U. Ever the conservative OECD/FAO was looking more upbeat stating in their Agricultural Outlook 2008-2013 that there was a broad consensus that. CH), as a leading player it should also benefit from a growing dairy industry and M&A opportunities. Top picks – China Mengniu and Bright Dairy. View details Add to  16 Oct 2017 With China's dairy demand forecast to grow 37 percent to $76 billion in five years—overtaking the US to become the world's biggest dairy market—the bull run may have further to go. Thanks to increasing income levels, this value is expected to be growing in the next future;. Baby and infant milk formula showcased the highest growth rates for the  20 Mar 2014 New figures reveal that the Chinese and Middle Eastern markets have put a swing in the step of Sweden's giant milk cooperative Arla. China is experiencing a rapidly growing demand for dairy products, but has limited availability of arable land. However, that doesn't mean China's dairy industry is facing a high time at the moment. In India, the growing health and hygiene awareness combined with urban consumers shifting from unpackaged milk to packaged milk will see the country switch places with Japan by 2021. Rank at #1 in the global dairy market (by volume). New Milk Regulations. China. Industrial applications of dairy products should 20 Mar 2017 In a recent GlobalData survey 23 percent of Chinese consumers said they try to consume as much dairy as possible. Drinking Milk Products. However, Chinese consumers still prefer imported products over domestically produced ones, due  15 Oct 2017 The two have a combined 44 percent of the dairy-products market in China, according to data from Euromonitor International. Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. "Domestically produced milk is always fresher than imported, which is the  25 Feb 2016 China's dairy market and the future potential for imports. At the same time, China's domestic dairy industry is in the midst of rapid modernisation. New research on dairy markets by Euromonitor International suggests China will switch places with the US, which will be worth US$67. However, as many dairy producers know, China drastically cut their milk powder buying  12 Aug 2017 China's dairy industry endeavors to regain public trust. 28 Jul 2017 cover Inner Mongolia Yili (600887. Due to increasing demand for dairy products and support from the government, China's dairy industry ha 19 Dec 2017 The shift to large dairy farms following the scandal was seen as a positive step for food safety, but the dairy industry's transformation has not been smooth — nor is it complete. Per-capita spending on dairy products reached. ▫ Trade policy export / import. May 5th 2011, 10:58 from Print edition. Barely any  2 Aug 2016 Global Exports to Greater China** in 2015/2016. 8 percent market share. By: Shefali Sharma and Zhang Rou. China's dairy industry once more faces a period of flat prospects. Features of China's  11 Oct 2016 The report 'Assessment of China's Dairy Industry 2016' highlights key dynamics ofChina's dairysector. 32. But when it comes to milk products, she favors domestic brands over imported ones. China has established free trade agreement (FTA) with New Zealand, and at present, Australia intends to establish a free  Title: China's dairy market : consumer demand survey and supply characteristics /; Created / Published: Ames, Iowa : Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State University, [2004]; Subject Headings: - Dairy products industry--China--Research: - Market surveys--China; Notes: - "August 2004. Two people were executed, one given a  industry (farming and dairy production) is concentrated in the northern regions. ▷ Activities: ▫ Providing market and other information for members. New Product Launches. Agriculture Minister Han Changbin has said that “a country with 1. The newly established Monash Joint Research Centre in Future Dairy Manufacturing will focus on seeking engineering  23 Aug 2017 China is set to overtake the US as the world largest dairy market by 2022, according to new research on dairy markets by Euromonitor. Dr Hong Chen (FNZIFST). Supplying China with safe  16 Nov 2016 Yesterday, China banned Viplus Dairy, a Victorian infant formula maker, from selling its products on the mainland. 8% over 5 years. Asia Pacific is a major region for dairy as the biggest market by value, although with the lowest per capita spending. And yet. Slow economic growth, maturity and high prices ensured weak consumption growth in 2014. The growing opportunity in the sector has been investigated along with key challenges. (north, northeast and northwest) of. Instead of focusing on getting into Chinese supermarkets—a notoriously difficult  12 May 2014 Growing up in a small village in China, Dr. Dairy consumption is flat in the developed world. This study uses the most recently available data to examine the trends of China's dairy production, demand, and imports and to assess the potential impacts  22 Aug 2017 However, China's growing appetite for yogurt will result in it overtaking the US as the largest dairy market by 2022. 3%. " Australia already has a strong presence in South East Asia, with China, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia ranking as Australia's top five export destination in 2015/16, according to Dairy  Foreign firms are rushing into China's scandal-plagued dairy industry19. Executive summary. At least 11 countries stopped all imports of Chinese dairy products. After a two-year hiatus from the global dairy market, China's appetite for dairy commodity imports is starting to revive, and this will create opportunities for New Zealand, particularly at the higher-end of the market, according to a visiting Chinese dairy expert. Dairy in Asia Pacific. There has been little change in  9 Mar 2017 Looking at the goals of the Dairy Products Industry Policy from China's government, they all have been achieved by China's dairy industry. 4 billion worth of dairy products in the year ending June 2016; The top five markets for New Zealand dairy exports are: China,  11 Jan 2018 China's dairy and infant formula markets have grown substantially over the past decade and are expected to continue to expand. 5% in 2015 according. The Market for Dairy Products. The China dairy market will be key for dairy exporters to address. Figures released by Beijing Orient Dairy Consultancy put China's self sufficiency rate for dairy at 75% in 2016. Bright Dairy launches  China dairy industry has made a great progress, but with urbanization, people's consumption patterns changing, and income levels increasing, China's dairy production is facing various challenges. China: Dairy and Products Semi-annual - 2017  28 Jul 2016 2015 was another important turning point in the history of China's dairy industry. 03. ▫ Crisis and issue management. Members: companies involved in trading in dairy products, especially cheese, butter and milk powders. " - Also available  China has been the largest and fastest-growing dairy importing country by a wide margin. We maintain our BUY rating on China Mengniu as we expect the company to record consistent earnings growth with its JV with Danone providing a new  Despite China, dairy market still distorted. Developed temperate countries (e. Trade. Iran. Together, these regions account for 83% of the total cattle population, with Inner Mon- golia, Heilongjiang and Hebei being the most important provinces. This is affecting the western hemisphere, this is affecting China. New market research indicates that China is on track to surpass the U. February 2014. Not that long ago some were arguing that the global dairy industry was moving on from being an industry dominated by government. Forty families are invited to visit a dairy company in Guiyang, Guizhou province, March 11, 2017. HK, BUY). Global milk production (From Food and Agriculture Organization of UN: FAOSTAT, DAC statistics, Mckinsey analysis). With more than 60 percent of new dairy sales expected to be generated in Asia Pacific in the next five years, the  12 Oct 2016 Dublin, Oct. However, in terms of imports, skim milk powder and whole milk powder are the major products. Shanghai-based Bright Food Group Co. Nov 1st 2012, 4:03 from Print edition. Along the supply chain, we see downstream dairy processors best positioned, thanks to continuing top-line growth as well as. Fonterra Co-operative Group, New Zealand's largest company and dairy exporter, is “extremely disappointed” after China partner Beingmate widened its loss forecast for 2017 from the 350 million yuan to 500 million yuan range to between 800 million yuan and 1 billion yuan. 7bn by  This case study identifies the factors affecting China's dairy industry, reviews the implications for smallholder dairy farmers and offers suggestions on how to link them to the growth in demand. 24 Aug 2017 China will overtake the US as the world's largest dairy market by 2022, with India rising to fourth place, according to market research producer Euromonitor International. Butter. These products have now been recalled and production at Mengniu Arla's milk powder factory has been temporarily suspended. 2 Sep 2017 In just five years' time China is set to overtake the United States as the world's largest dairy market, worth a massive US$68. The database outlines that by 2022, China's dairy market will be worth an estimated US$68. dairy farmer. The survey  1 Feb 2017 According to EU SME Center Report, by 2018, the Association of Food Industries predicts that China will be the world's largest consumer of imported food, with an increasing demand for dairy products. China's milk  15 Jun 2017 The opportunity to increase our sales to China will improve the economic situation for U. Conclusions. Estimated dairy consumption growth in 2014 v 2013 (change in LME). China experienced different levels of market access barriers, depending on whether they export concentrated milk or cream. Milk Consumption and Dairy Industry in China. In the coming decade,  22 Sep 2017 Negotiators from the U. China could become the world's largest market for dairy products by 2018. On the other hand the principal markets for butter are Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, the EU and. Buy 'China Dairy Industry Statistics 2017' online - low price; fast worldwide shipping; save with never expired reward points. 211 International Dairy Federation (idf) in China The melamine crisis contributed to greater opening of the Chinese dairy market to foreign producers and  Strategy Briefing. “These stocks have actually become safe harbor blue chips, and their growth will have sustained momentum given  There are obviously other products that suffer direct competition pressures such as dairy products, due to their small-scale and low production levels: already the world's top 20 milk enterprises are in China's dairy market. China's dairy market, which generates $55bn in annual sales, is the world's second biggest after the US,  Don't miss any of the exhibition news about China Dairy Market !Subscribe to our e-news register for our newsletter. Liquid milk is the core product of China's dairy market, representing more than 80% of the total consumption. 26 Sep 2017 2016 witnessed the transition of the dairy farming industry from extensive quantity growth to intensive quality growth. Secondly, urban residents have gradually developed a preference for dairy products, owing to a general increase in wealth and recognition of the nutritional value brought by such products (Wang & Zhang, 2004). 5. US$1,325. In New Zealand for a series of industry presentations, Rabobank  China Modern Dairy Holdings Ltd. 5 million tons and imports are forecast to grow 15 percent to 750,000 metric tons. The organizer is the China Dairy Industry Association (CDIA). The adjustment of China's one-child policy and the abolition of the EU milk quota system also add a positive impact on the  This page contains data regarding key components of the Chinese dairy industry over a given time period. Russia – 3. Page 4 of 10. Within that the food and beverage sector grew only 2. As the world's largest dairy importer, China represents opportunity, but the market is not without its challenges. . China's Dairy Dilemma. 6bn). The China Dairy industry has been growing rapidly in recent years. 9 in 2011. Full-text (PDF) | The dairy industry is an important part of the global economy, and the rapidly developing dairy enterprises in China have become increasingly important to the rest of the world. Imports still remain off their peak level of 2013-2014 where the New Zealand drought caused uncertainty which led to market  China represents the second largest retail market for dairy product globally after the US;. 1. The sector is still grappling with challenges on several fronts, including the high cost of producing milk in China, looming  Contents. is a distant third with a 4. 6. 23 Nov 2017 The combination of rising consumer incomes, simulative government subsidies and fading memories of post2008 dairy food safety scandals had put the industry on the path to solid recovery. The dairy industry transited from unconventional disordered development to steady orderly development. 34 billion. Beghin, Dinghuan Hu, Scott Rozelle September 2004 [04-SR 99]. 08. [Photo/VCG]  29 Jun 2016 Last year, on a mild mid-August day in Beijing, business leaders representing China's top 20 dairy firms met in a spacious and well-lit conference hall to layout the framework of the industry's future. 12, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "China Dairy Market 2016" report to their offering. This report documents data and other information gathered from a survey of urban households in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, China. The rest of the country's cattle herds are in. In order to meet the demand of more than 1. , Canada and Mexico are scheduled to meet Saturday in Ottawa for a third round of talks to modernize the 23-year-old trade agreement. 02. Cheese. US$30. dairy  30 Oct 2014 “Small” farms of less than 100 cows still account for 60% of the production, but giant private dairy farms appear almost by the day, encouraged by State and In 2013, China's purchase accounted for two-third of the world milk powder market, which covered 54% of its needs, at the cost of $16. Source: GlobalData. Bright Dairy & Food build state-of-the-art production facilities. 4 (Xinhua) -- As a self-described gastronome, Shang Qingfang is always willing to try all kinds of delicacies the world has to offer. Opportunities and Challenges in the Dairy Sector. ] China's dairy market is getting more competitive, as further enterprises are paying attention to the downstream markets. 4 billion people cannot afford not to have a dairy industry. 29 November 2017. china dairy market. These segments of the population are increasingly urban  China's dairy market has soared to 25 million tonnes a year, and New Zealand is its biggest supplier of imported product, says a major agricultural banker. In this report, AtmoSAFE pursued the question of why the Chinese have started drinking milk thousands of years after the Europeans and also visited. 8bn, overtaking the US market which is forecast to be valued at US$67. Fluid milk production is forecast at 35. Retail Dairy Market. According to China's Dairy Industry Association, in 2001 there were more than 1,500 national milk  are greater than tariff rates for China's dairy imports. Indeed, demand has kept  10 Apr 2017 Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "China Dairy 2017" report to their offering. Key players including China Mengniu Dairy Company Ltd. Land of milk and money. Milk Formula. In fact, due to its large population, China is now the world's second largest dairy market, after the US, in value terms as of last year. 3m tonnes, the principal driver being infant formula which recorded an increase of over 25% in volume terms on 2015 levels. 4 billion people. 1%"Low growth", "downsize" and "new normal" is becoming the most  2 Mar 2017 The world is facing a demographic change currently. 31 Aug 2017 Editor's note: the following report was submitted by CCM, a Hong Kong-based analyst. China was a significant importer of milk powder, accounting for 20 percent of the total global trading volume in 2013, importing more than 850,000 metric tonnes. 19 Mar 2012 As demand for dairy products in China increases rapidly, Chinese dairies turn to Israel for farm management technology and training. Following a decade of booming growth,. Yogurt. 3. For the purposes of the categories profiled in this report, Cheese utilised for further processing into processed cheese products is not included in order  According to this argument, the respective political positions of these two factional lobbies reflected in part the differences in per capita income of their particular regions. But guess who likes it? The biggest market Canada is wooing right now: China. 22 Jan 2018 - 7:11am